Frequently Asked Questions

Beginners and First-Timers

We absolutely love first-timers and we have introductory sessions for those who want to explore and have a taste of Femdom, just let your Mistress know it’s your first time!


What if I’m not into certain fetishes/kinks?

Every session is tailored to your fantasies and desires and we take into consideration your boundaries at all times. You can trust your Mistress to respect your limits. We take pride in providing a safe space for you to trust our abilities and guide you through an experience that will allow you to let go and enjoy.


Who should I choose to serve for my session?

The answer is clear. It’s wise to choose a Mistress that specializes in the fetishes you’d like to explore. It’s often easy to choose with your eyes, but it’s best to go with the Mistress that fits your vibe and if you can’t choose, you can always have a double or group session to make up for that. You can learn more about our House members here


What should I expect from a domination session?

First and foremost, expect to have an unforgettable experience. All sessions are different and they will be tailored to your personal interests. There are no One-fits-all sessions, every experience will be special and unique.


How do I know I won’t be scammed?

We’ve been in the business for years and we take our reputation very seriously. The easiest way for you to verify that we are real and serious is to look at our social media profiles such as Twitter, Instagram, and SextPanther. You can take a look at our online presence and realize we are indeed real.

We advertise on paid platforms such as Eros, Tryst. Such platforms require ID verification as well as content creator platforms such as Onlyfans


Why do I have to give my personal information for Screening?

We run a basic, non-invasive background check to ensure we aren’t booking with a person with a violent criminal history. We do this to protect ourselves from dangerous situations or the threat of violence due to the nature of our craft.


How do I know my personal information is safe?

All information you provide to us is confidential and will never be exposed. Our reputation is the most important part of our craft. We will protect your information because it’s essential to our success in the industry.


Do I have to provide references to book a session?

It’s not required but it does help the verification process and helps your Mistress feel safe.


How do I book a session?

All sessions must be booked through here, no exceptions. After you fill out the booking form, we will contact you as soon as possible to follow up with you. Standard times for scheduling are Monday to Friday from noon to midnight. More often than not, weekends are fully booked, so we recommend booking with time.


I’m in a rush and I want to schedule a last-minute session, what should I do?

Rushing us comes with a lovely fee. If you can afford it, you can rush the booking process for a $100 fee to be sent via cash app preferably $MistressRogueFL accompanied by an email with your rushed request to mistressroguefl@gmail.com, this will get you priority when booking. However, all sessions scheduled within 5 hours or less of the session time, will result in a $200 rush fee added to your session tribute.


The first step is to send a booking request and wait anywhere for 24-72 hours for a response from The Dom House’s Headmistress. All booking requests accompanied by a $50 deposit will be prioritized.


Approaching Etiquette

Respectful communication is the bare minimum when approaching your Mistress. We do not respond to disrespectful or sexual inquiries. We do not discuss sexual acts of any kind.


What are your boundaries?

We are not escorts and we do not offer sex or intercourse. Your Mistress will be fully dressed during your session and you are not to touch her without her consent. We offer psychological power exchange play through physical activities but we do not offer Full Service or Full Body Worship sessions.


How much does it cost to book a Session?

The minimum tribute to book a session is $350 per hour. However, there are a lot of different combinations that reduce the tribute amount by adding hours and multiple Mistresses. You can see all about it here.


What’s a deposit and why is it required?

We ask for deposits to book a session to filter serious inquiries from timewasters. If you cannot afford to put $50 towards your dreamed session with your Mistress, you cannot afford to see us. Your deposit will be counted towards your final session tribute.


What are the options to provide a deposit and tribute?

All accepted tribute forms are here.


I can’t leave a digital trace, my information isn’t private, how can I provide a deposit or tribute?

You can send money to our physical mailing address

Name: Rogue Evans

PO Box 76062

Saint Petersburg, Florida 33734


Or you can purchase a physical VISA GIFT CARD at many stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Home Depot, Gas Stations, etc and send a photo of the front and back of the card with all numbers and codes showing to mistressroguefl@gmail.com


Can I have a discount?

No. We provide a luxury experience. Asking such a thing is extremely disrespectful and we will most likely ignore you.


I sent my booking request, what is the next step?

Your headmistress will work the session details with you, answer your questions and then connect you with the House member you wish to serve if you’re looking to serve someone besides Mistress Rogue. If you’d like to ask her questions and get to know her, please note that this doesn’t include chatting for long periods of time or online play. If you’d like to chat, talk on the phone, and bond with your Mistress prior to your session, you can find them on SextPanther here or schedule a call or texting time using the same booking form.

After your session is scheduled, your Mistress will contact you to provide you with instructions to meet her at the specified location. Be patient and wait for her to contact you the evening before the day of your scheduled session.

If 72 hours have passed or you provided a rushed booking fee and you haven't heard from your Mistress, you can text her at 727-222-5580 and ask about your application form.

On the day of the session, your Mistress will contact you to confirm one last time before meeting and make sure everything is going according to plan. Failing to confirm your session will result in a last-minute cancelation. We do this to avoid no-shows.


What if I arrive too early for my session?

Arriving too early only makes things difficult for you and your Mistress. It looks suspicious to the people next door and it will most likely make you anxious and paranoid standing in front of our door. The best thing you can do is arrive on time. Your Mistress is most likely still getting ready for your session and coming in too early is considered disrespectful. If your Mistress catches you arriving early, she will send you to the nearest adult store to get her a gift for being such a nuisance.


What if I am late for my session?

On the other hand, arriving late would not only irritate your Mistress, and it is up to her to grant you the time you wasted or not. You’re not entitled to extra time if you’re late and your Mistress will try to contact you and consider you a no-show after 20 minutes and cancel your session.


What if I don’t show up at all?

No-shows are incredibly rude and you would have to provide the full tribute of the scheduled session to remain in good standing, otherwise, no member of our House will see you in the future.


What if I had an emergency and couldn’t show up?

It is up to your Mistress to determine if you can reschedule your session at no cost but providing proof of your emergency whenever possible will help your credibility.


What if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?

We have a standard No-Refund policy for cancelations but any sessions canceled by you within 48 hours of booking will allow you to reschedule at no cost.

If we cancel on you, we will give you a refund.


How should I prepare myself for a session?

It’s important to note that sessions are just like a date. Your Mistress will spend time getting ready for you, dressing up and so should you. It’s always a great idea to dress to impress your Mistress, but it’s not required. The bare minimum required to attend your session is to arrive freshly showered and clean. If you cannot prepare and choose to arrive dirty or stinky, your Mistress will send you to take a shower in the Dungeon as well as any other backdoor preparations.


You’re finally there, what should I do? I’m ready!

You’re on time, you arrived at your destination and knocked on the door. Your Mistress lets you in, your heart is racing and you’re both nervous and excited.


When coming into our Dungeon, walk-in and proceed to provide the rest of your tribute before the session starts. Cash is always preferred but all tribute options are found here.


The most important part of a session is negotiation, even though you booked and scheduled your session, it’s important to talk to your Mistress to negotiate boundaries, level of intensity, and other details to ensure your session goes smoothly. Remind your Mistress of any injuries, triggers, and special requests if necessary.

Play Time and Aftercare

It’s important to consider the fact that Playtime can get very intense and you will have time to come back to a calm headspace after Playtime through aftercare. It’s part of the experience and your Mistress will make sure you’re feeling okay before you go. Aftercare is for both you and your Mistress mental health. We want to make sure you had a great time, but we also need to feel reassured that everything went well.

Should I tip my Mistress and/or The House?

Your Mistress will always love when you show your appreciation but it isn’t required. Your Mistress will most likely have to provide Dungeon fees to use the space and taking that weight off of her shoulders is a nice gesture but it doesn't grant you any extra benefits.


Do you offer overnight sessions?

We absolutely love hosting overnight sessions. The standard options for overnight sessions are:

  • $2000 for 12 hours which includes 8 hours of play and 4 hours of sleep, usually booked to start around 7:00 pm and end at 7:00 am
  • $4000 for 24 hours which includes 16 hours of play and 8 hours of sleep.

24 hour-long sessions include snacks, meals, and an uber ride from and to the airport for those who are flying in and out for the experience.

You will be sleeping underneath our bed in our luxury queen-sized cage, a beautiful and comfortable place to sleep beneath your Mistress.


Can you travel to my city or country for a session?

Our standard rate for outcall sessions in a different city is $500 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours plus travel expenses such as plane tickets for your Mistress and her companion, hotel room and food, of course. 50% of the experience will be required in advance for us to travel to you.


I want a personal relationship with my Mistress, is this possible?

The short answer: no. We provide a professional service and as much as we care about you and can bond with you at a personal level, we ask that you respect our personal lives and boundaries. Don’t ask your Mistress to hang out, go to dates, dinner, and spend time that isn’t paid for or booked for a tribute.

We don’t appreciate invasive behavior such as stalking and personal questions when we see you. We enjoy our craft and enjoy our time together with you, but we ask you to respect the line and keep professionalism when you book with us.

I give my Mistress gifts, will I receive gifts too?

There’s often a big misconception when it comes to gift-giving. Spoiling your Mistress and giving her gifts should be a selfless gesture towards your Mistress. You are not entitled to her time or services in exchange for gifts and acting like an entitled little bitch will get you nowhere. The gifts you give to your Mistress are just that: GIFTS.

Your Mistress will most likely be very grateful to you and it’s up to her to give anything back, you shall never expect anything but a “thank you” from her.


Is your Dungeon open for Rentals?

Yes! However, we only rent our Secret Space to Professional Dommes and other members of the industry. Other professionals such as Content Creators, Photographers, Models, and Filmmakers are also welcomed in.

The deposit required to lock date & time on the calendar is the first-hour amount. Deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits must be provided at the time of scheduling and adding to the calendar.

No sessions can be locked in without a deposit.

You may roll over the booking with a 48-hour notice at no cost.


I want to become a Dominatrix, can you teach me?

Mistress Rogue offers mentorship and apprenticeship on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to mistressroguefl@gmail.com for more information after reading the Apprenticeship page here.