Double Sessions

If you think a single session with one Mistress is exciting, let your heart beat faster by adding another Mistress to the mix. Double Sessions are exhilarating and dynamic, four hands can do much more than two. Sign up for double the trouble with The Dom House Mistresses

The Dom House members will guide you through the beautiful journey of Female Domination through (SSC) Safe, Sane, and Consensual practices and follow (R.A.C.K) Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

The Dom House is a safe space for BDSM exploration

The Dom House is a collective of Mistresses with different backgrounds, specialties, and standards. This is why we’ve crafted baseline tributes for you to understand what the basic tribute would be when booking a solo session.

When you book a session, your Mistress will follow up with you and define a tribute based on the type of session requested, your interests, complexity, and preparation time for the session.

The following rates are a guide, not flat rates

1 Hour Double $650

1 ½ Hour Double $900

2 Hour Double $1300

3 Hour Double $1500

4 Hour Double $1700

6 Hour Double $2000

12 Hour Double $4000/5000

Are you ready?

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