Single Sessions

Dreams do come true, leave your worries and fears at the Dungeon Door

Miss Envy

Whether it is your first time or you’re an experienced player, solo sessions are one of the best places to start a journey with your Mistress.

We offer introductory sessions to first-timers. We love guiding newcomers through the beautiful journey of Female Domination through (SSC) Safe, Sane, and Consensual practices and follow (R.A.C.K) Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

The Dom House is a safe space for BDSM exploration

The Dom House is a collective of Mistresses with different backgrounds, specialties, and standards. This is why we’ve crafted baseline tributes for you to understand what the basic tribute would be when booking a solo session.

When you book a session, your Mistress will follow up with you and define a tribute based on the type of session requested, your interests, complexity, and preparation time for the session.

The following rates are a guide, not flat rates

1 Hour $350

1 ½ Hours $500

2 Hours $700

3 Hours $900

4 Hours $1200

6 Hours $1500

12 Hours $2000/2500

Mistress Rogue

Most popular ways to play

Classic slave Training:

You dream of worship, tribute, and servicing your Mistress. You want to become a good slave, submissive and plaything. Classic slave Training includes many types of play, and these are some of the most thrilling.

Impact Play and Corporal Punishment & Discipline: the line between pleasure and pain defined by the edge of resilient resistance through Spanking, Flogging, Whipping, Canning, Paddles, and many more exciting tools, other popular impact play practices are face-slapping, trampling, and smothering.

Bondage: experience the magical feeling of submitting to your Mistress’s mercy through:

Leather cuffs


Rope Bondage


Collar and leash


Duct tape

Plastic wrap for those who want to experience mummification.

Chastity: get locked up by your Mistress and surrender all control of your manhood.

Cage Play: it could be the safest place to sleep under your Mistress’s bed during overnight sessions or punishment for your misbehavior.

Toy Training & Strap Play: one of the most popular ways to play that needs no introduction

Goddess Worship & Female Supremacy: a headspace where you finally get to serve your purpose: worship your Mistress at her dais. Kneel and beg for her to make your fantasies come true. Boot and Foot Worship are top ways to prove your worth as a servant. Some of the most popular worship desires include:

Strap Worship

Latex Worship

Sock Worship

Feet Worship

Pantyhose & Stocking Worship

High Heel & Boot Worship

Underarm/Scent Worship

Muscle Worship

High Protocol: the most thrilling reward of slave training is achieved by becoming the most special, best-behaved servant to your Dominant who will provide you with the most intense Femdom experience.

Toilet Training: The highest, most intense way of worship. FTT is offered by some House members.

Edge Play: for thrill seekers, we encourage you to adventure into

Electro Play


Hot Candle Wax Play


Fire Play & Fire Cupping

Forced Intox (Legal substances only)

Knife Play

Sensual and Gentle Domination: Female Domination is based on psychological power exchange and it does not have to be stereotypically hardcore or aggressive. At The Dom House, we can do both.

Sensory Deprivation

Tickle Torture

Behavioral Training and Erotic Hypnosis

Cash meets, Dinner Dates & Femdom Girlfriend Experiences are offered as part of a more sensual experience as well as all fetishes, kinks, and ways to play listed in the Classic slave Training section.

Role Play: Doctor/Nurse Play, Military, Teacher/Schoolgirl, Babysitter, Boss/Employee, Abduction Play, etc.

Feminization, Sissification, Crossdressing, and all things girly: get transformed into a Good Girl from head to toe at The Dom House’s pink room with a vanity and a huge variety of wigs, high heels, and outfits of all sizes.

Full makeovers with makeup, hair, and slut training

Forced Bi Play

ABDL: A safe space where you get to experience age play

Queen Gia Love

Femdom Erotic Wrestling


Balloon Fetish


Latex Vacbed (coming soon)

Are you ready?