Traditional slave Training

Nothing gets Mistress Rogue’s heart pumping like a good servant. She often guides both first-timers and experienced servants to learn her style of domination.

Photo by Aaron Creamer

She can be nurturing and casual, but also cruel and merciless. She can go to both ends of the spectrum to provide a mind-bending experience.

Photo by Milo Ming

Although she prefers to be more intense through her practice, she welcomes servants who desire a more nurturing and loving experience as well as a casual domination session.

She enjoys the traditional aspects of slave training such as High Protocol Training and Domestic Service as well as Boot and Foot Fetish Play.

Photo by Jason Perrone

Corporal Punishment, Sensory Play and Sensory Deprivation are on the top of the list of Mistress Rogue’s favorite kinks. Spanking, Fire Wands and Cupping, Electro Play, Wax Play and CBT are guaranteed to take her to Domspace.

Photo by Mistress Rogue