Princess Mia is back!

The Dom House is very happy to announce that Princess Mia is back! It’s been a long ride but after going separate ways for a while, we realized we just belong together!

The best part is that you can now book sessions with her through our Booking page and schedule doubles and triple Domme sessions.

A throwback to our last photoshoot as Gangster & Detective in our Domme World

More than Dommes, we’ve been more than friends for years, and we just got back to our senses to do what we do best: DOMINATE!

Princess Mia and Miss Envy having a lovely afternoon, planning your demise.

This is your time, enjoy the three of us in an explosive experience that will shape the way you see FemDom and kink.

Another way to Locktober
Let’s not forget how Princess Mia knows the sweet spot between Girl Next Door and Evil Princess.