Headmistress Rogue

Mistress Rogue is a Latina Dominatrix. Her passionate and primal nature is fueled by her Hispanic background. Being born and raised in the wild lands of Venezuela, she grew up in a very chaotic environment that shaped her into the incredibly independent, driven woman that she is.

She was raised in a very conservative, catholic family, which contributed to repressing her sexuality from a very young age. Being constantly shamed and forced to hide her sexual orientation and gender fluidness, it was only a matter of time for her to take a deep dive into the only lifestyle that made her feel at home, comfortable and at peace within herself: The Kink Community.

Rogue found an innocent interest in patent leather shoes in her youth, which translated into her Latex Fetish as an adult and her very curious nature drove her to burn her own skin with a lighter just for the thrill of it, exploring and later explaining her sadomasochistic interests. Other times she would tie herself up with electrical extension cords which ultimately planted the seed for her growing interest in Rope Bondage, more specifically Traditional Japanese Rope Practices.

Self-exploration inevitably shaped her into a very sexual human being. She believes Kink is genetic and runs in the blood. After many attempts to fit into the Vanilla world of conventional lifestyles and failed relationships, she promised herself to become the best version of herself and follow her heart through ethical, safe, sane and consensual Kink practices within the BDSM world. Becoming a self-taught Professional Dominatrix is the way she finds a life full of passion and thrives to help those who come to her with an open mind to exploration.

As a survivor of abuse, Mistress Rogue evolved into a very empathetic woman that is looking to help heal those whose traumatic experiences have turned into Fetishes and Kinks. With 15 years of exposure to the Kink world and 4 years of Professional Domination experience, she yearns to help people explore themselves beyond physical pleasure and experience soul healing through BDSM practices.

More than just a fantasy provider, Mistress Rogue’s vision involves empowering people, especially women, to live a fulfilling life through self-empowering practices and to lose the fear of adventuring into the exhilarating world of BDSM and FemDom. She practices and teaches consent, and provides a safe and controlled environment where people can let themselves feel things they never thought would be possible in order to find hope, peace, and love.

Mistress Rogue finds peace through practicing Yoga and Meditation and encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle that helps clear the mind and regenerate the soul. She offers Kink-Friendly Lifestyle Coaching to those who are curious about the BDSM Lifestyle but don’t know where to begin, who to talk to, or how to play.

Before becoming a Professional Dominatrix in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, Mistress Rogue worked as a Graphic Designer and Photographer for over 10 years, inspiring a few of her creative projects such as Sultry Art and Rogue Shibari. Both of these Artistic, Kinky projects represent the Alternative Lifestyle through Photography and Film.

Mistress Rogue is a primal player and she prefers high emotions and deep connections. Approaching her in a respectful manner is the only way to really grab her attention. She’s grown to be very selective with the people she plays with and aims to build strong, healthy connections with the people surrounding her.