Miss Envy

Interview with The Dom House Executive Mistress

What parts of your personal backstory contribute to your Dominant persona?

Kink has been a part of my for more than half my life and continues to be part of my day-to-day life even outside of sessions. I have always kind of only had myself to depend on so I grew strong-willed and exacting. 

2.       How did you discover you were into femdom and kink in general? Tell us a story

I started exploring kink and FemDom in 2004 with an early partner and got my roots. I continued to explore on a personal level for most of my adult life, but making it a career has been the most eye-opening part of the journey. I’m constantly learning new things and my favorite kinks are ever-evolving.

3.       Tell us about your vanilla life skills or interests if you’d like to share

I am a fabulous cook and I make masterpieces in the beautiful kitchen my loyal subs have helped build. 

4.       What are your favorite ways to play and why? List your specialties

Foot worship will always have my heart in all its forms, it’s such a beautiful display of adoration and power exchange. In turn, I also love bastinado as my feet are worshipped yours are a tender spot for torture. Tickle torture is also high on my list as I’m not ticklish and can’t empathize with your frustration. Impact play especially caning and my favorite spatula.

5.       What type of submissive or kinksters should see you given your specialties?

I love to see everyone from newbs to well-seasoned players, but I prefer respectful and humble subs to brats. You should see me if you want a sensual but sadistic Mistress that will claw at your mind as well as your flesh. 

6.       What brings you joy in your personal life when you’re not doing sessions?

Being in my kitchen as previously mentioned, I am a shoe collector, I love traveling and experiences so things like airline gift cards, show tickets, hotel stays, etc make me really happy. I also love costuming and creating really aesthetic looks. 

7.       What are your hard limits? Maybe popular ways to play that you’re not into

Anything that involves defiling my feet, roman showers, extreme breath play, CNC unless it’s a regular submissive who I’ve been seeing for some time. 

8.       What’s the most controversial or hardcore kink you love?

Bloodplay has recently become very exciting for me!

9.       Give a list of your bucket list session fantasies to add to your profile and have clients make your domme dreams come true.

I want to use my vampire crop for CBT

I want to explore pony play

I want to expand my public play

I want to learn needle play and branding.