Group Sessions

The Dom House’s Specialty

Miss Envy, Mistress Rogue, Princess Mia

We are a collective of Mistresses with many tricks under our sleeves, a together we combine our skills to deliver the finest Femdom Experience. Dare to submit to us

The Dom House is a collective of Mistresses with different backgrounds, specialties, and standards. This is why we’ve crafted baseline tributes for you to understand what the basic tribute would be when booking a solo session.

When you book a session, your Mistress will follow up with you and define a tribute based on the type of session requested, your interests, complexity, and preparation time for the session.

The following rates are a guide, not flat rates

1 Hour Triple $900

1 ½ Hour Triple $1200

2 Hour Triple $1600

3 Hour Triple $2000

4 Hour Triple $2300

6 Hour Triple $2600

12 Hour Triple $6000/7500

1 Hour Quadruple $1000

1 ½ Hour Quadruple $1400

2 Hour Quadruple $1800

3 Hour Quadruple $2200

4 Hour Quadruple $2600

6 Hour Quadruple $3000

12 Hour Quadruple $8000/10000

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